Donations & Offerings

Your tax  deductible donations and offerings to the Holy Spirit Catholic Church  are most welcome!  We offer you several payment methods for your  convenience and thank you in advance for your generosity!

Please be sure to indicate where you wish your offering or donation to be designated. 

You can either mail in a check or money order made payable to Holy  Spirit Catholic Church at the address shown at the top of this page and  on our contact page.


Wine & Host Offering

Our parishioners may participate by donating the $20.00 cost of the wine  and hosts each week during any of our scheduled Masses either in prayer  or memorium.  There are still weeks available for this ministry for the  duration of the year.  Please specify several date choices and our  parish secretary will respond via phone call or e-mail  with confirmation of your request.   


Holy Spirit Food Pantry

We provide support and food to parishioners in need and the community at large. We are able to do this through our parishioners' donations. If you have food items you wish to donate please bring them to our office! We will provide you with a  receipt for your tax deductible donation.