Parish Life


Wine and Host

If  you would like make a dedication through the wine and host, please contact the  office.  Cost of the wine and hosts is $20 per week. It is a lovely way  to pay tribute to someone special. 

Remember in your prayers:

Lord,  hear our prayers for the sick of our parish listed below and for all of  those who are not listed, but are in need of prayers. Pray especially  for:    


Lee Alphin, Mila Q. Arionday, Joseph Bennet, Betty Billings, Julie Blue, Judyth Boyette, Michael Cannon, Kathy and Monroe Clevenger, Brenda Edwards, Toni Frankfort, Patrick Gallagher, Trey Hamlin, Debra Hardison, Fabian & Joyce Hayden, Beth Stalnaker Hill, Maria Hill, Johnny Hinson, Baylor Jackson, John Jones, Bonnie Kasper, Sonia Koonce, Maria Linder, Charles Thomas McDonald, Caroline McMahon, Ivory Meadows, Robert Melton, Basil Moots, Willard Nowalk, Benita Parker, Ariana N. Parkman, Jackie Pitt, Genie Register, Herb Register, Gina Riggs, Anne & Anthony Ruggiero, Phil Ryals, Msgr. Jerry Sherba, Laydon Stanley, Lillian Stogner, John & Julie Stowawy, Karen Stubbs, Darlene Vaughn, Henry Ward, and Justin Wharton.

Into Your Hand O Lord, we commend the souls of our dearly departed.

Let us hold in prayer the family and friends of the departed. May the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace.

Please remember in prayer all those who are seeking employment at this time.  

Stewardship Thought

We  can hear God speaking to us today in the words of the father to his  elder son: “You are with me always, and everything I have is yours.”  What is my response to such remarkable generosity? Do I give joyfully  and generously as God gives to me? 

Altar Flowers

Would  you like to enhance the celebration of our weekend liturgies? The  flowers that we enjoy each weekend are donated by parishioners for  various reasons: in memory of a deceased loved one, in celebration of a  special event such as a baptism , marriage or anniversary, or as a  loving gesture. For further information, please contact  the office  252-523-8898.

A Prayer for Our Troops

“Dear  God; We pray to give all of our soldiers the courage and strength to do  the duty that is required of them. May they always remember our  appreciation for the sacrifice they are making for us. We are thankful  for the men and women who are willing to risk their lives to protect our  freedom. We ask you to go with each one of them and protect them  wherever they go.” Amen.

Vocation Awareness

God  is the father with the open arms. Who will preach this good news of  reconciliation? Consider service as a priest or deacon, brother or  sister. 

(Luke 15:1-32)


Food Lion "Shop & Share"

While shopping at  Food Lion, you can also share a portion of your MVP savings with Holy  Spirit Catholic Church. To link you MVP care for this additional  donation to the church - just visit  to link your MVP card to Holy Spirit. If you do not have a MVP card,  next time you are shopping at Food Lion be sure to pick one up. If you  need help with linking your card, please call the pastoral office at  (252) 523-8898 for assistance. We will gladly link your card for you. We  need at least twenty five (25) people to register their cards before we  can start earning any savings. The more who sign up, the greater the  potential earnings are for the Church.

When you save Holy Spirit earns