Stewardship Thought

All discipleship  involves mission. "Every member of the Church is called to evangelize,  and the practice of authentic Christian stewardship inevitably leads to  evangelization."


Stewardship Committee Update 

One  of the strangest-sounding truths of stewardship is that the need of the  giver to give is greater than the need of others to receive. At first,  it sounds strange. Strange but true.

Great  artistic works come forth because of the need of artists to give the  gifts within them. Even the Dead Sea is a dead sea because it is a  dead-end, and has no outlet. It continually receives water but never  gives water. It isn’t God who needs prayer. It’s the person praying who  need prayer.

A  person may be poor, rich, middle-class. But all people, to be fully  human, need to give their time and skills and possessions to others.  We’re made that way… like a rose is made to give to others its beauty  and fragrance.

When  do God’s sons and daughters realize that everything they have really  comes from God, belongs to God, and that they are stewards and managers  of goods that don’t belong to  them… that God intended that they use these gifts for the benefit or  others? It dawns on some people early in life, some on their deathbed,  and others miss it entirely.

If  and when that insight does come, it usually doesn’t come from a long  reasoning process. It’s one of those deep down truths that simply dawns  on a person in a flash of insight. It is, in the end, a grace from God.

To catch that insight, and live by it, is called stewardship.

(Adapted from a meditation written by Bishop Ken Untener, Diocese of Saginaw)

Why Use Envelopes ?

Because  it enables us to recognize you as a practicing Catholic and  contributing member of our parish. Very often we receive request for  letters of verification for purposes of acting as sponsor at Baptism,  Confirmation, etc. Without having a record of giving, it is difficult to  do.

Tax season will be upon us soon. The Parish Office will track contributions IF you use your registered parishioners envelopes.

Your  registered envelopes are personalized with your envelope number as well  as a space for your name, address, and amount. If you do not have  registered envelopes, please contact the parish office for assistance in  receiving them. Office hours are 9am-2pm Mon-Fri or call 252-523-8898. 

From Stewardship Commitee

Our Parish is attempting to organize  around the concept of STEWARDSHIP. On the front of this year's weekly  offertory envelopes you have the opportunity to indicate in each area  your participation. We will then be able to see how we are giving our  Time, Talent and Treasure as a Community. We thank you for your  cooperation.

All of this service information will be recorded to indicate our TOTAL PARISH CONTRIBUTION to our stewardship committee.

TIME / PRAYER _________________________ record time this week
TALENT / SERVICE ____________________hrs served in the Parish
TREASURE / SHARING _____________________ amount of offering